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"If well-played jazz piano from a long-time expert (Mark’s been playing & gigging since he was six years old) are what you’re after, then this is exactly what you need to make your jazz day!  Tunes like the high-energy “Melodious Phunk” will stick with you for months (if not years) to come… this is truly one amazing display of talent (& that trombone just KICKZ some tail, volkz)!   If you like your jazz just slightly more laid-back, you’ll fall in love (right away) with the title track, “Suite Mother“… pegging in at 9:52, it gives lots of room to each player to shine.  It was the longest tune on the album (10:29), “Rebirth“, that got my vote for personal favorite, though… pure power displayed here, albeit without any “showboating” – which takes sensitivity and awareness on the part of each & every player to accomplish.  I give Mark & his crew a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98. "  - Rotcod Zzaj

MARK LITTLE/Suite Mother: Ok, we found you another one. Here’s a jazz piano man that’s impressed everyone he’s stayed in the background with all these years and has drawn praise from such a roster of greats that no matter what kind of jazz you dig, someone from that stripe has dug him already. With a set that pays tribute to his late mother for sending him this music from heaven, prepare to have your socks blown off by this pure listening date. Played with the classic vibe that never gets old running through it, Little is sure to open your ears in the most delightful way. Well done throughout.

JAZZ STATION - ARNALDO DESOUTEIRO'S the best of jazz 2014 Awards

The results are in ! 
#2 acoustic piano Mark Little "Kindred Spirits"
#4 Instrumental Group Mark Little "Kindred Spirits"
#8 Engineer Robert de La Garza "Kindred Spirits"
#9 Acoustic Bass Mike Porter "Kindred Spirits"
#10 Drums Daniel Dowling "Kindred Spirits"
#1 Jazz Instrumental CD Mark Little "Kindred Spirits"

Marks band members for his new CD 'Suite Mother'     — with R ich Oppenheim ,  Mike Porter ,  Joe Caploe ,   Will Kennedy  , and  Ron Wilkins .

Marks band members for his new CD 'Suite Mother' — with Rich OppenheimMike PorterJoe CaploeWill Kennedy, and Ron Wilkins.

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